Summer Tips and News

Summer Tips & News
Stop Crime Before It Happens
Get peace of mind knowing your home and property are protected with round-the-clock professional video monitoring. Our Remote Video Monitoring Console delivers 24/7 monitoring and proactive deterrence using your existing video and security devices. When a person or vehicle is detected, monitoring station operators are alerted to assess the situation, engage would-be intruders, and dispatch help when it’s needed

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Explore the Discover Tab
Discover the full potential of your smart security system! Explore the latest and greatest features, get helpful tips, and take advantage of new offerings—all at your fingertips. You can access the Discover tab through the American Security & Av Systems, Inc. website or app.
See Who’s Coming and Going
Be the first to know when familiar or unfamiliar vehicles arrive at your property through customized alerts. With Familiar Vehicle Analytics, you can train your cameras to recognize vehicles so you can respond to visitors before they even get out of their cars.

Configure Familiar Vehicle Analytics

First-time setup –
Mobile App > Video > Tap settings cog > Familiar Vehicles > Tap “Enable”
Mobile Device > Tap vehicle detection notification > Select the option to add a vehicle to the “familiar” list

Configure rules –
Mobile app > Video > Recording Rules
Customer Website > Video > Recording Rules
Get the Full Picture with Alarm Mode
Now, respond with greater confidence when an alarm takes place at your property with the insights you need to swiftly assess the situation, verify if it’s an emergency and take action. Alarm Mode allows you to view video thumbnails, access live camera feeds, and review recent system activity all in one place.
Try Dark Mode on Web
Love Dark Mode? Try it on the website! Not only is Dark Mode great for those who prefer a darker aesthetic, but it also offers a better experience for those who find it hard to see in dim light, especially during nighttime or early morning hours.

Turn on Dark Mode (American Security & Av Systems, Inc. Website > Settings > Login Information > Site Appearance)