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Security for Hybrid Workplaces

Sarah E. RogersDMPJuly 5, 2023 In recent years, an increasing number of companies have embraced the concept of remote work or hybrid workplaces. In order to retain top talent and enhance employee satisfaction. While these options offer numerous advantages, they also present security obstacles. Two primary concerns arise: first, ensuring appropriate individuals are present in […]

Summer Tips and News

Summer Tips & News Stop Crime Before It Happens Get peace of mind knowing your home and property are protected with round-the-clock professional video monitoring. Our Remote Video Monitoring Console delivers 24/7 monitoring and proactive deterrence using your existing video and security devices. When a person or vehicle is detected, monitoring station operators are alerted […]

Searching for a Solution; Protecting Students

Comparatively, college administrators have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for students while they are on campus. A key part of providing that protection is having a reliable system of smoke detectors installed in the dormitories. Emphatically California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo had a system in place, but the campus administrators […]

Church Opens Its Doors To The Community

Churches have always served as centers of community activity. Today that’s more true then ever. Many places of worship now provide child and elder care, sports ministries, counseling, continuing education, and other civic and social services.But as church doors are increasingly open throughout the day and evening, every day of the week, they face the […]

What Does Lockdown Mean to You?

There are few scenarios more horrifying than having a gunman wandering the halls of your facility, randomly targeting innocent occupants. Clearly, the prevalence of these attacks demands the technology that can stop an intruder from moving at will throughout any facility. DMP’s Lockdown is designed to do exactly that. When Seconds Count, DMP Gives You […]