Frequently asked questions

How can I test my system?

Before attempting to test your system, call American Security’s alarm monitoring department, let the dispatched know how long you would like the system on test, you will also need to provide your secret password.

When should I test my system?

You should test your alarm at least once a month, after any phone, cable, internet or electrical power changes that have occurred, or after any construction that has occurred.

How do I update my emergency contacts or password?

You can either mail, email or fax changes. Or request an American Security dispatcher to mail, email or fax you a new emergency contact form to fill out. Please reference your account name, address and password with authorizing signature on mailed or fax requests.

We are going out of town, who do we call?

Notify the American Security’s monitoring department with you name, address and password. Be sure to provide detailed information such as, if someone will be on property, or if any temporary contacts are needed.

I have a temporary house guest. Can this person have a temporary password?

Yes, submit a request with your name, address and current password, with temporary information such as temporary person name, password and dates.

I was notified of a scheduled power outage, what should we do?

Notify the American Security’s monitoring department with your name, address, password, dates and times.

We have construction workers at our location, whom should we notify?

Notify the American Security’s monitoring department of daily activity with estimated work hours. Also indicate if you are authorizing the system to be placed on test and to ignore signals if any during that time frame.

Why is my system beeping and how do I make it stop?

Most systems begin to beep when the electrical power is turned off, turned back on, or the system detects a trouble condition. If your system is beeping, the trouble needs to be “Acknowledged” through the keypad. Acknowledging and resetting the system is easy and can be done by you. The instructions for Acknowledging and resetting the System are in your user manual under Trouble Conditions. It will save you time if you are able to Acknowledge and reset the System yourself opposed to having our technical support walk you through the process over the phone. (A Copy of your systems user manual can be downloaded from our website under support then under user manuals, click on your system type for the manual.)

Our technical support receives many phone calls during power outages and although we try to help everyone quickly, you may have a wait time. If you are not able to Acknowledge and reset your System we would be happy to walk you through the process over the phone. Our in-house technical support is available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 1-888-702-7233. If you need immediate assistance on the weekends or after normal business hours, we have on-call technicians who can assist you (please note that there is an additional fee for an after-hours service tech to be dispatch to your location).

What happens to my system when there is a power outage?

When the power goes out, your back up battery begins to supply the power to the system. Your system will also notify you at the keypad that there is a Trouble Condition. A Trouble Condition is just a warning the system is operating on battery back-up. Our Central Station will receive the Trouble Condition signal and notify you of the loss of power loss.

How long does the battery in my panel battery usually last?

Usually battery lasts up to 5-6 years depending how often used.

Will my system still work when the power goes out?

Yes, your alarm system will work for the life of the back-up battery. Although the system will still work, your phone lines may not. Phone and internet line becomes damaged due to bad weather and power loss. We offer a wireless alarm communicator that can be added to your systems. This device will keep alarm communications with our office even if you phone or internet line is out. Please call the Service Department at 1-888-702-7233 for more details on adding a wireless alarm communicator to your system.

Our company just terminated an employee, what should I do?

Does the terminated employee know the password or the alarm code? If so, submit in writing a password change with an authorizing signature. Change the alarm code immediately.

When can we make arrangements for a service appointment?

Our regular service department hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm, otherwise for emergency service you can call our Monitoring Department 24/7 to open an emergency service ticket.

What are my options in paying my bill?

You can go to our website and make a payment, or can you can call into our accounting department to make a one-time payment and/or to get your account set up on electronic auto-pay service. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or we can have your payment taken directly from your checking or savings account.

When is my bill due?

Your invoice will indicate a due date in the upper right hand corner. Monthly service invoices are billed one month in advance and are due upon receipt.



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